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I ran in my 20's and did the London Marathon in 1985 (a previous life!) but nothing since then......until 2008. I started running, no, thats jogging/walking as I had had M.E./CFS for 5 years and doing nothing and resting wasn't getting me better so I decided to go the other way and exercise to see if that helped. I started with one kilometre walks and gradually built up over the next year, then in 2009 I did the Great North Run, it may have been a tad slow at 3 hrs 20 but it was the getting round that was important for me.
I also ran to lose the extra 3 stone I had aquired (how did that happen?!) as a symptom of M.E. is poor metabolism, got another 1/2 stone to go but I'm happy with where I'm at. In 2010 when I'd just turned 50, I decided it would be my year of trying new things which is how I got involved in triathlon. I love all three sports but my swimming is rubbish and I'm so slow on the bike! Did 3 small tri's but I have found it too tiring to train in all three sports so now I'm back to mainly running so that I can try and improve in at least one area!

My inspiration was Jane Tomlinson, for those of you that haven't heard of her, she completed many tough sporting challenges whilst terminally ill with cancer including an Ironman and cycling across America. I decided that if she could do all that whilst so ill, M.E. was no barrier to anything I set my mind to. My main goals for 2011 are two 1/2 marathons, Bristol in September and Coventry in November. I did the Silverstone 1/2 in March in just under three hours and I'd like to get under 2 1/2 hours but maybe that's just wishful thinking!!!

I should say that Coventry parkrun has been brilliant for me, partly for the running but also the social side as I've met some great people and it gives me something to look forward to every week, as I spend a lot of time on my own when I'm not feeling so good. I hate it when I have to miss it! Now I have found Dog and Bear I really feel like I 'belong', thanks for taking this stray cat in!  :)

First open water triathlon
at Blenheim, well chuffed!