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Hartshill Heartbreaker 10

10 miles of multi-terrain, mostly cross country, footpaths and woods with a helping of mud.
Tough,challenging,Good terrain - very little road, sufficient hills but not terrible, and loads of mud- multi-terrain shoes are a must. Good training for Belvoir Challenge and Tough Guy.
Unfortunately this event apparently no longer runs but you can still most of the course over public footpaths and rights of way.

16th Jan 2011

Scooby took Baloo and Ross around the Hartshill Heartbreaker training course (parts of the original event course are not public rights of way).
10.5 miles, but since Scooby was under instruction not to break anybody this was carefully paced with plenty of recovery. Scooby looked after us two newbies although may be wishing he pushed us a little more as we made sure he stretched his legs a little on the last path back to the car.
Some fantastic views and great paths through the woods on the route. We also got some confused looks from several horses in a field as the three of us splashed through their field.
At one point we passed between a shooting range on one side, and golf course on the other. Definably motivation not to wander off course.

Guess Who?

Each of us had a moment during the run but can you guess who did what? Answers at next weeks parkrun!
  1. Who avoided the big ditch, taking the 'Girly' bridge?
  2. Who shed a shoe in the mud?
  3. Who took a dive and ended up on all fours in the mud?