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Belvior Challenge


Where: Vale of Belvior

Distance: 15 or 26 miles, your choice

Terrain: Mostly fields, tracks and paths but some sections of road. Plenty of mud usually!

2010: Scooby completed the Belvior Challenge 26 running.



When: 5th March 2011

This year: Scooby, Baloo and Ross (and The Bandage) walked the 26 miles course in just over 8 hours. Certificate time of 8:23 but once out take out the check point stops it was about 8:01.

Ross will be sponsored for this event to raise money for Huntingdon's Disease Association.

Guess Who Quiz:
In the 2011 event......
  1. Who fell off at stile?
  2. Who fell in the mud?
  3. Who fell in a hole?
  4. Who caught their foot on a cattle grid?
  5. Who had the wrong map?
  6. Who made most use of 'gas jet propulsion'?
  7. Who obsessed over food/drink for 26 miles?
  8. Who spotted the castle?
  9. Who missed the finish point?
More questions, just as soon as I can remember what happened myself!